Why Do Businesses Prefer Printed Paper Bags Over Plastic Bags?

Everything has its own pros and cons. Most of the businesses prefer paper bags over plastic bags because paper bags can be recycled and the major benefit of using bags is these bags are quite inexpensive then plastic bags. Plastic bags cannot be recycled again. Printed paper bags can also be used for marketing purposes. Most of the companies prints their logos and tag line on printed paper bags in Australia it helps them to spread the awareness about their brand. People who have not familiar with many brand so, brands these kind of ways to spread the awareness of their brands or products because as much as people gets familiar with a specific brand it would eventually effect their sale volume. Paper bags are very trendy shopping bags and paper bags are considered as the perfect replacement of plastic bags which are not environment friendly. Paper bag allows business to print their logos, introduction, and tag lines and email addresses in order to communicate with their valuable customer and keep spreading the awareness about their brand. Every brand wants to place the image in consumers mind and they use this tool to target the minds of the consumers.  

Advantages of using paper bags: 

Paper bags can be recycled and reused. Paper bags are quite inexpensive then plastic bag that’s why retail businesses prefer paper bags. Paper bags have more durability then plastic bags. The major benefit of using paper bags is these bags are considered as eco friendly bags. Paper bag has the capacity to carry more than one items and it has proper holder that provide ease to carry easily. Companies are using paper bags for marketing purposes and they use paper bags for advertising and endorsing.  Paper bags are made up of renewable resources that do effect the environment but on the other hand plastic bags are considered as threat for the environment or wild life. Paper bags can be recycled easily as compare to plastic bags. Paper bag offers different style, patterns, designs, shapes and sizes and they can be changed on very short notice. Consumer thinks positive about the company if company is using paper bags because it shows that company is socially responsible so the trust and confidence of the customers rises for that brand. Many countries have imposed levy tax on those companies who are still using plastic bags so, paper bags can save companies from heavy taxes. Printed paper bags are widely used by coffee shops, bakeries and other retail businesses. Most of the businesses are shifting from traditional plastic bags to printed paper bags. printed-paper-bags